At Boutique Recycl'Art & Antiques, we simply recycle and refurbish furniture that needs it!

Some furniture may need to be stripped down from old varnish or many layers of paint. So you can see and appreciate the beautiful wood grain and give the piece new life! Some may need to be painted because the wood grain is not so great, but the piece itself has a good look and functionality. Sometimes we may add a bottom to an old cupboard or a crown molding to the top! Old kitchen tables can be cut down for a functional coffee table! Architechtural church windows with mirrors added to it. And why not add a piece of antique furniture even with the ultra modern design! I bet it would be the first piece to be noticed. "Even one of a kind" and the one that would retain its value.

At Boutique Recycl'Art & Antiques, we try to make a piece of furniture look it's best so it works well in a most decors!

If you have any questions, just contact us and we'll be happy to help you!